Divorce/ Separation

Divorce/ Separation

Filing for divorce or separation sadly can happen, but you are not alone. Seek support now and move on from the past.

Divorce or separation can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences to encounter. Unfortunately relationships do not last forever and this unforeseen event can happen at any time. On top of this adverse situation you now need to sell your property, which involves splitting the equity, making other living arrangements and paying off any outstanding debts. This can raise tension between yourselves and your family, especially if the process is drawn out over a long period of time. The possibility of a broken chain or sale falling through is still likely to occur, which is not ideal for many.

How can we help?

We understand that this may be a daunting process to face, but the Personable Property team can immediately inherit those stresses and offer you a quick, lucrative solution. Our goal is to make the transition into your new life as smooth and stress free as possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you have little or no equity remaining in the property, we can still agree an attractive sale price and complete within 4 weeks. Personable Property will guarantee you a completion date so no more distressing about the current market or restarting the process with broken chains. We are here to help, always putting the seller first. All cases are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

To find out how we could benefit you today, simply fill out our form. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you.


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