Personable Property Vs Estate Agent Vs Auction

(Personable Property)

  • Fast sale- Instant cash offer and complete within typically 3 weeks
  • Offer up to 100% of the market value within 24 hours
  • No hidden estate agency, solicitors or valuation fees
  • No chains involved
  • Any condition properties are welcome
  • Guaranteed property sale
  • Undoubtedly the fastest, most stress free process

(Estate Agent)

  • Estate Agency fees- Typically 0.75%- 3% of the agreed sale price
  • 4- 12 months to completion
  • Property can stay on the market for several months
  • Broken chains
  • Multiple viewings and valuations
  • No guaranteed sale- Fees will still have to be paid regardless of property not selling
  • Contractual tie in to the estate agent for typically 12 weeks, irrespective of how well they operate


  • Pay 2.5% Commission fee
  • Pay Marketing, Room Hire and Admin fees
  • Once signed up the property is contractually tied in for 4- 6 weeks
  • No Guaranteed Sale- Even if your property doesn’t sell at auction you still have to pay the fees
  • Price recognised- Typically the price recognised at an Auction is the lowest out of the three methods

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