Inherited Property

Inherited Property

Not only do you inherit the property, you inherit the responsibilities, which can be very challenging.

Inheriting a property comes with mixed emotions and not every family member may want to come to the same decision. Family members (both close and distant) may be beneficiaries and can opt to have their money at different times. The problem the majority of sellers face while traditionally selling an inherited property is the duration of time it takes. There is the possibility your inherited home may need to be renovated or redecorated, in order to get it sold or mortageable. You could miss out on a number of potential buyers due to the property’s current state, which isn’t viable in today’s current market. Not only do you inherit the property, you inherit its challenges! Personable Property can offer you multiple solutions for this encounter.

The challenges and issues with inheriting a home continue.  

The mortgage payments on an empty home still need to be paid and dividing the insurance, utility and council tax bills can be stressful to say the least. Maintenance will now be your responsibility and unfortunately boilers can breakdown at any moment. You have the option to make it your primary residence or rent it out, but the popular option for most families is to sell the property, pay off the existing mortgage and distribute the remaining funds to family members. Let us inherit this stress and put an end to this challenging chapter in your life.

Give us the chance to buy your inherited property and take over your inherited stresses.

We specialise in buying inherited properties, always putting the seller first while working with efficiency and speed. Unlike putting your property on the open market with an estate agent, there will be no more countless appointments, broken chains or large amounts of viewings conducted. We understand the beneficiaries may need to receive their money earlier than expected so allow us to provide this option, and you give you the peace of mind you desire.

How can we help?

Whether the property needs renovating or you are not achieving your desired market price, Personable Property can buy your home in as little as 7 days and leave you stress free with no hassle. Our committed team will make you a market-leading offer, regardless of the properties condition and complete within the timescale that suits you. We can pay you an agreed deposit upfront and take over all mortgage payments and property commitments until the completion date. On the completion date you will then receive the remaining agreed balance.

Personable Property can also buy the majority of the house and pay for the well-needed renovation, leaving you the remaining equity as a passive investment.

To find out how we could benefit you today, simply fill out our form. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you.


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