Repossession/ Bankruptcy/ Financial difficulties

Repossession/ Bankruptcy/ Financial difficulties

Act now before it’s too late.

Repossession is definitely an experience no homeowner would like to encounter but unfortunately in today’s climate, this is very common. With cost of living increasing and unemployment still rife, not keeping up with your mortgage payments is highly likely to occur.  Faced with this tough dilemma, some homeowners decide to ignore what is about to happen and bury their heads in the sand. This is definitely the wrong action to take because your credit, finances and reputation will be negatively affected for many years to come. Losing your home can be an emotional rollercoaster and going through the process alone can be very isolating and traumatic. Do not suffer in silence and reach out to the Personable Property team.

We can prevent repossession in a flash!

With our combined set of skills and years of experience, we can prevent repossession FAST. We move in an efficient and professional manner at all times, constantly putting the seller first, while working towards their needs.  .

How can we help?

Personable Property can immediately offer you a cash offer and provide you with a positive way out of this ordeal. Our cash facility allows us to offer you a guaranteed sale price within 24 hours, which saves you valuable time and effort when trying to sell your home. We can prevent repossession and extract maximum equity out of your property in a flash. Our dedicated acquisitions team will firstly understand the situation and follow up by offering various solutions, to benefit you the greatest. We handle all legal fees and paperwork at no extra cost.  It doesn’t matter whether you have little or no equity in the property, we can still make you an attractive offer and complete within a matter of hours.

Allow us to solve your repossession problem before it is too late with detrimental effects. We can prevent bankruptcy and repossession so permit us to assist you. We are here to help!

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